If You Were An Action Figure…

What two or three accessories would you come with?

I LOVE questions like this, which could explain why the apple didn’t fall far from the tree and my son ALWAYS wants to play “Would You Rather”.

When I first heard it, I immediately thought, iced coffee. Nothing deep, I just can’t really start my day without coffee. Then I thought cell phone, which I tried to justify by listing off apps and suggesting merit behind its camera feature, the Kindle app…it really does many things and realistically if someone was creating my “action figure” that is probably most accurate but what a total bummer of an answer.

So I thought about it some more, asked a few more people, quizzed my husband and kids.

“Did they have superpowers or skills?” No, I didn’t so.

“Did a Pokeball count as two items?” That could count as one.

Then I texted my parents and siblings in a group chat. Thought about it some more, which is why I love questions like these. First, I think everyone has a practical answer but also a really fun, creative answer. I think your gut reaction; practical vs. fantastical says something about you but either answer is interesting and worth digging into. Second, my mom answered very quickly that she would want a pair of wings, an unlimited credit card and a sidekick, probably her dog.

So without a doubt, my mom continues to be much cooler than me.